About Us

Mesan Electric has proudly held the title of being Turkey’s first audiovisual warning lamp manufacturer for 48 years. In addition to our company culture, which has been formed for 48 years, our devoted and passionate working principles are recognized all over the world. It has enabled us to establish a strong bond with our customers. Mesan Electric, which is a family company, is always reliable, rational, has aimed and succeeded to offer innovative and economical products in accordance with the standards. Mesan is committed to occupational health and safety, environmental safety, and prevention of loss of time and property. Our products, which are the result of our engineering and project studies, are taken into consideration by customer needs and demands. It is produced specifically for the customer and the sector. Mesan Electric, which always makes the first contribution to the sector, is the first aircraft warning lamp, the first electronic siren, the first warning lamp in Turkey. and by producing the buzzer, it has signed many patents and utility models. Mesan’s specialization is signaling system preparation plan, quality control and testing stages, long warranty period pre-processes is the plan. It makes daily shipments with its huge stock and provides service to its customers with after-sales technical support.

Turkey’s first and only TSE certified signaling products It has offered 800,000 lighted sirens, 5,000 aircraft warning lights, and hundreds of thousands of buzzers to its customers.